Milk Bath Photography Session | One Year Old | Central Mississippi

This was my first ever milk bath session and it was much simpler than I ever though it would be! I am so thrilled with how this turned out! This sweet girl's mom asked about a milk bath session and I of course said... I've never done one before BUT I've actually always wanted to.. so let's do it! We decided that this would be part of their family session and we spend about 20 minutes in the beginning of their session capturing this these sweet shots.

Milk baths became a popular photography trend several years back and I've always admired how beautiful they can be. Whether it's baby or mom in a beautiful tub, they have always been inspiring to me. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, it's actually really good for your skin. For baby, if you have excess breast milk, it can be used for milk baths at home, is very good for baby and the perfect way to use that extra liquid gold! That's exactly what we did here. The ingredients for this milk bath were literally warm water in the sink, 2-3 bags of frozen (thawing) breast milk and about three beautiful roses. Add in a cute baby and some pretty window light and this is what we got! I have been so excited about these colors and how this turned out so well.

Want to book your own milk bath session?

Milk bath sessions can take place in your own home or outdoors using a washtub. Colors are up to you and powdered milk, cow's milk, and goat's milk can all be used with diluted warm water for a beautiful look. You can book this as a milestone session or as part of a family lifestyle session. You can find those sessions and my booking calendar at the top of this page or email me directly at